What is Hosting Reseller?

You can gain cash from home by reselling web hosting products - something, which is not as tough as you might assume. ResellersPanel.com offers you everything you need - an online store and a multitude of hosting products for you to resell.

Via your very own personal web store you can sell ResellersPanel's hosting services - web hosting, top-level domain names, as well as SSL certificates - something that's mandatory for online payments. The web hosting services available for reselling also include VPS plans and dedicated hosting accounts. Everything is totally free of charge, there are no setup taxes or other reseller taxes. You can set up your very own web hosting packages and sell ResellersPanel's pre-made web hosting packages. It's useful to mention that you and your clients have 3 data center location choices - the USA, England and Australia, an advanced point & click hosting CP called Hepsia, and many other free presents.

ResellersPanel also ensures 99.9% uptime for your and your clients' websites. The company's client support staff is available to assist you 24/7/365, and also there is a huge assortment of tutorial video clips to watch. You also receive a discount on all the web hosting products that you purchase for your own personal use, so with ResellersPanel you make cash and spare cash too.

So don't loiter, sign up now and join ResellersPanel.com!